8. The Road to Hull

The wind howled angrily and with purpose into my left side as the aerobars whistled their ghostly tune.

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7. Beyond 200

With 70km to go, the only good points on offer from the rain were a) it was good training for foul weather in the TCR, and, b) I got to try out that hideously expensive waterproof jacket I bought recently.

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5. Elevation

There was much faffing to be done with the Garmin, since I hadn’t put the maps on it before leaving. Who knows why; I mean, why didn’t I do it? The cottage had no WiFi, and only a tiny bit of 3G if you stood in the right spot, with the moon in the right place, etc.

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4. Rule #9

“Got to get the miles in”, I thought. “On longer, multi-day rides, I’m not going to have the luxury of choosing nice weather, and what if I get ill?” “Need to get it done, need to stop thinking of the 600cc motorcycle only a few yards away.”

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2. The Commute

You will get close-passed, sworn at, threatened, and if you’re not careful, worse. Hop on a bike and ride the roads through one of the busiest cities in the world and you give up your right to be treated as a human being – suddenly, you’re the enemy.

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I have never really been competitive, I smoked cigarettes for nearly 30 years, I can’t navigate very well, I panic when things don’t go to plan, I worry a lot, I’m your average bloke.

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